There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Stranger better become power rangers

Yesterday, something happened. I don’t like to write here but I think its ok just sharing here.i don’t know what to say…jealousy or busy body or bad attitude. sometime I did too. Hahhaha

I know this world very small, everyone connected. Everyone know each other. Same with me. I was wrote something at my fb’s friend …like usual. After few hours some people add me as friend. I just add them after I saw their profile is safe for everyone. Then I got one message from them. Asking me how I know my friend? when last time I met my friend? what happen? Bla bla

Oooh that’s bad. Yeah I should ignore it, but better be honest. Nothing to hide. Finally the person message me understand n wish can meet me. Hahhaa its was funny. Anyways that life. I think I do right thing. I’m lucky I did right thing. So funny n stranger…that’s why I said u should be power rangers.

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