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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Simple life…Singaporean

From bukit nenas station, I walked to renaissance hotel. Suddenly I got sms from Patrice and he invite me for dinner. Then I walk along jalan sultan ismail to his house. There is one stall close to his house. Mamak restaurant but malay chef. Hehhe. I walked pass the concorde hotel and there is one short cut to Patrice house…I forget the name of road…between beach club. So I just sit down at the stall waiting Patrice. Suddenly one couple marriage with a kid sits another table besides me.the wife ask a favour to warm the chicken rice for her kids. At same time they order some food.

The husband look nice different with typical malay in kl..n I guess he came from other country. Yes I’m right, he told the mamak at stall, he from Singapore and stay at concorde hotel. Just hav trip to kl, he like travel with his wife. He was complaint about the food at hotel. Maybe they not so rich…I understand. He complaint the chicken porridge is very expensive at hotel rm38, at same time we can get outside hotel with rm2. Yeah its true….

That’s why they decided to eat at stall, not much budget for food at hotel. I agree with him..i don’t mind to eat at stall at street as long as clean, delicious and safe. Anyway he look nice with fit body and his wife look beautiful with Chinese look and the baby really cute…was friendly family. The moral story is in our life, we must doing what we afford n not do what we not afford to do.
Why I said like that? Yesterday in net news, more 85,000 Malaysian become bankrupt by bank because of debt, credit card, car loan, house loan and education be careful when we shopping or doing credit card!!!. Always think about future and start saving (always tried but many thing need to cover). hehheeh

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