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Thursday, December 9, 2010

rashed and rushing

When my officemate got rashed like chicken pox….. red dot on body, I was wake up from my dream about cleanliness, healthy and the chance of living in this life. Today she came back to office with full energy and big smiling. Lucky her…… its was good n hope she will feel more better soon. At the beginning of sickness, she was give up when her heart hav prblm even liver. After went to private hospital, she was send to specialist skin n treatment, maybe its too serious…because normal doctor cant decided chicken pox or scabies or etc. touching moment when she totally down, cry because when she miss to wear office clothes n having daily life,like karaoke, eating at restaurant…. really touching me. I must appreciate what I hav now.hopefully.

I’m lucky at the moment… by one my officemate take leave or mc because fever and flu, even people around me, beside me……my antibody still strong……when I went back to hometown, most my family just recover from flu and fever too. One more time I’m still healthy here. Yeah Terengganu is heading with monsoon season, rainy all the time. The temperature low than Cameroon highlands or fraser hill.. I’m so cold. Hehhehe can’t imaging the cold water....too mother told me..the water at fridge for normal place become ice because the temperature outside is too low.

Back to kl and office life totally crazy every day. Hard to explain how crazy my office everyday..the client need everything like we cook fried rice, order n want that information in 15 minute. Its totally ridiculous, sometime they only decided among themselves n never inform us…at the end of the day, they blame us because never follow them. What the fuck!!!

We hav evidence from email..all detail about minute meeting…still wanna blame our side. Its crazy……so its life…..sometime the work pressure already make me sick…..not include house prblm…..sometime I wish I wanna be low profile and silent mode. Stay far from people at downside of hill, green area with river, field of flower, with someone I love to stay with… fishing, camping,kissing, romance full with smile and laugh.yeay!!!!

I know I was too much dreaming at day time…. But its ok. Who care…… good to hav dream rather than empty n lonely.

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