There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Saturday, December 11, 2010


almost nearly midnight,,i will get worst all the time. try to not think negative but always like this.....i dont know how long i will be like this........ sometime help myself for happiness..but never enjoyed.OMG pls help me.

just fed up the whole life.i dont know what can i say.....i dont know what i can write.......i tried, tried and tried but its never make me happy.

everyday i always think positive....for example when i back home sharp 6pm n see traffic jammed..i changed mind to go cinema for movie..because only that i can do. but after saw the movie..i still ask myself...i need more fun...but when ready n waiting bus at bus bus.....after waiting 30minute then bus coming..but need to fight with all races in the world. arghhhh

when arrived home..all quite.....i know i should rest and relax..but i can;t.its bored..actually i tried many time not to online at any website because i know its hard for me too. nothing intesresting, but if i'm not online..i dont hav nothing..... thats why i said..its worst....... hmmm when people asking me...who ur friend in kl? not much maybe one or two,,but everyone own hav thier own life n busy....what can i do.......

hard to think for me, for next day..if like this......
so empty

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