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Saturday, December 11, 2010

old car

long time i'm not drive because i dont hav car. in kl always no time to go out, just working n busy. i hav driving license but never use. honestly when all my university mate hav driving license n car, i feel bad.seems useless guy. big boy but dont hav license. thats why i pressure myseldf to hav license at least. after hav license, seems not easy to drive because no friend....... around dont hav chance to drive. except with elly when i'm going to hometown a few month ago.

then...last week when i back to hometown, my sister asked me to buy food for her baby because finished. its was night..normally my father have motorcycle but not this time. then i just challenge myself...its ok i can drive my old father's car. i afraid at beginning but i miss to drive..... so i just jumped in the car with another sister...start engine. the car was manual, thats why i'm abit worry. the gear really hard to handle.

the car 2 time stop at beginning hahhaha but after that drive safely. its was nice can challenge our self to do something impossible to do. at least i can drive.

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