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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Nur kisa and ramzi –facebook

One more time, something surprise me…. 2 my old friend found at my facebook. Ramzi and nur kisa. Ramzi is one of my friend at technical school. I think many people know me..yeah kind of skema or formal boy at school n always study. Hhahha. He was good friend of me at school. Yeah sometime we do sport together and study also. Surprised he got marriage and hav one son. Oh my god, life is miracle. So fast n everyone getting marriage.

Last night one of my friend also say hello at facebook. At 1st time really not recognize her because she used different name. finally its become funny when she start teasing me…… and play me around. Hahha. She is one of my best friend at kindergarden and primary school. She is tall among us and of course she is very educated. Honestly I also very smart student since primary school. So we fight to be great student or best student. That’s why I know some good friend. I remembered we play rubber called “zero point”. thats was kindergarden. I’m superb at that time. I love that game…I saw kids right now never play that anymore. All play station, computer n etc. we hav many traditional games when we r kids. Hehhe play with girl and boy at hometown. I also remember, I borrowed my mother money just to buy pencil case made by her mother. Her mother knows me very well because I always went to her house. Yeah boys don’t know anything. Hahah so embarrassing

Since secondary school I never go to her house anymore..Maybe I getting older and start feeling shy. But sometime we communicate by sms. Honestly I’m not contact her. Hahha sometime meet her at hari raya. I know she working at Gleneagles hospital as a nurse when I study at university, but really don’t know how to contact her.

Last night when she say hello to me at fb, I really surprised because she still remember me. Then she was teasing me for pizza, but its just joke. I was scare because my house near with Gleneagles hospital and worry she will think differently. Hahhaa finally she make joke n tell me the truth…..she not working at Gleneagles hospital anymore…and right now she working at kedah. Oooh I’m safe.

One of my good friend and really hav good time when I’m kids. Love the memory……miss study actually..wanna be a good student one more time.

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