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Thursday, December 16, 2010

no idea

was thinking what i should write here..maybe my thinking not so good or can say bad mood. i hate myself when i'm bad mood.

still mad what happened last night

- at 5pm i'm ready to go home at 6pm..suddenly one of my boss asking me to print one report. yes the report done by me, but i'm not printing boy...and why must be at 5pm u must tell me. although u want that tomorrow morning, can u remind me early? fuck you!!! i dont care

- then i start printing..some new info still not update because some people changed n the person in charge it not coming office today..i need repair n take compose the presentation report again. arghhhh

- when i start printing...the printer suddenly make prblm..every time send to printer, my computer need to shut down. normally not happen like that..what the hell...i really mad until its took 4 hour. double sided report, 66 slide, full colour, and if the company send to print outside, its charge 5 time.

-then the ink cartridge gave another prblm, lucky i hav some stock..otherwise this morning i will die.

- at same time doing another work because need to submit next week on monday. condo at jalan yap kwan seng.

- all people leave me alone at office, in rushing to finish the work, printing, binding the report, my phone fall on floor and not function anymore. oh really worst day to me.

-suddenly another bos come to my desk, asking me to repair his drawing, and print A1 1 set. arghhh i just said..i'm busy n tomorrow i will do

- hav dinner at restaurant b4 going back home, left message at any website sleep

-arrived at office, on my desk already new thing need to do from my bos last night

- another bos arrived at office n start asking me what i'm doing because the project at yap kwan seng important....i said i done many because i need rest...but he just tell me..if u finish we submit friday. what the hell? yesterday u told me on monday...when i do fast...u changed mind n want give me short due date.

- i just make mad face, and repair the drawing for another boss last night.

- sometime i feel bad. i came office early morning, but some people late until 930am. i done my work n back at 6pm because i need my personal life..but people seems blame me because i back home early. i work smart because i dont want waste my time.

- thinking about phone...i feel sad....was little cry last night.but i will not write here.... some people think i do joke, anyway i feeling sad at the moment with my life.

- start again with my bad life......i decided to not meet anyone. i just frustrated for now

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