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Thursday, December 9, 2010

mr jonathan

A few month ago, I was met one of new friend from London. A young guy fully energy to start new travelling. Can be backpackers or normal tourist but I think the experience he got..sure it’s nice. The moment meet him when he want to know local food, place n the night life of kl. Was nice… listen music at night club but not dance. That’s the place he visited in his trip…totally marvelous!!

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He back to kl last week b4 fly to London, pity no time to meet him. I was busy with my work at same time need to back hometown and also hav personal reason. He understands n one more time I got free accommodation at London if I go there. London? Not in my list in my favourite place because its too expensive. for me south asia its already nice for me…. I don’t know…don’t want comment more. Some people will dislike.

Anyway I’m glad, he enjoyed his travel and safely arrived at London. One word make me feel something… he said “after travel around the world..i love be London n my bed”. I can say something…. I love Malaysia so much although sometime I blame my country n blab la. maybe people here friendly , n I hav friend to take care of me when I hav prblm….still in my heart..i wanna see the world outside there. Wanna taste, see, touch, sure its nice.

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