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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Movie at dvd

This weekend I watched 3 dvd, English movie….2 movie is thrilled action sexual abused I think and one tragic movie…I’m sure everyone know…titanic. To make story short. i watch 2 movie and I think its same theme.

1. The killer inside me

2. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (episode 1) ,The Girl Who Played with Fire(episode 2)

The killer inside me movie its about a sheriff killing people. I think he is a crazy, doing wild sex, because of his history of life. When he kids, he was saw bad thing in his life…..his brother rape young girl I think kids, his mother become sadist sex with his father….. its make him worst when he become older. Killing his lover when his lover start leaving him and use many way to clean evidence. If I’m not mistaken. So its was good movie and won many award in many film festival. I remembered…. Jessica alba in the movie

The Swedish movie also about a woman becomes sadist sexual harassment. Its all about her father. This time is the 2nd episode. The 1st episode story about these women helped one journalist to solve a prblm for wealthy family. One girl lost in family and the journalist need to find that girl, finally the journalist found the girl…...he found that was big issue because all man in that wealthy family are bad person, raped young girl, their workers and killed them including their daughter too. That’s why she escapes from that family and finally she was found at Australia. Lisbeth salander was helped the journalist because she is hacker. Good in computer at same time she also becomes one of sadist sexual abused with her guardian. She always becomes juvenile person when she burns her father because her father makes her mother crazy because of sadist sexual. She is good person but the environment was killed her life and ruin everything.

For 2nd episode, its about time to revenge to his father. Her guardian was a politic person. He was complots to kill her after she recorded all the sex activity. Lisbeth recorded just to trap him. At same time her father is big gangster at Sweden and hav relationship with police etc. the climax of movie… she found that her father wanna kill and revenge. her father lost in public for many years after she burn him in car. Finally she killed her father after she find way by herself. I can say she is good in computer, find the evidence..its like FBI agent..n KGB but she stand by herself. No need high technology, just confident and do right thing to take care of herself. I like it!!!

Titanic 1996

I know everyone know about titanic film, but its my 1st time watching titanic 1996. Same theme but different actor n actress. But I love titanic by kate winslate and Leonardo dicaprio. Maybe look more real with lovely song. Titanic 1996 was act by Catherine zeta jone..just average movie…too long and I hate wealthy people with arrogant and stupid attitude. Arghhh ….. yeah that the story. Anyway its was nice to see at least.

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