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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Movie at cinema

Lately I really try my best to enjoy with my life especially watching movie at cinema. I miss to laugh, smile and funny. Then I choose to watch the spooky comedy film at cinema…..called ngangkung and hantu kak limah balik rumah. Hahaha it was scary and funny. Let me explain n what the moral we can take from the movie


The main point for this movie it’s about those people like to play lottery like 3D,toto, magnum. In islam n culture its forbidden. I know some people play that because wanna be rich, try their lucky and for fun. Its happened at any country n some people become addict and destroy themselves , family and people around. The worst thing especially in our Malaysia culture..they use satan spirit to get the number. In malay culture, those people play lottery…sometime go to old grave…called the satan or spiritual to give the number. Its reality at Malaysia. Some people go to old tree, big tree, miracle grave, even temple n etc. so in this film, 3 guy tried his luck to be rich man, just because to make their family happy. Let me set as A, B and C.

One day 3 of them go to witch and bring the old warrior sword just to called the spirit of sword…but the end of story..the spirit of sword not go back inside the sword n start bother their life, also their family. Start scary and funny thing until the end of story.

A was borrowed money with Chinese gangster”along” just to play lottery… he run to stay with his family. But the along go to his family house…fight with him, bitten until his family give old gold, money to save him. The moral of story…if u don’t hav money…..dont ever go to “along” or Chinese gangster or Indian group called “Cheti”. Ask helped from family 1st with good reason n not try to do something stupid just to hav better life. It’s a big mistake

B also really crazy with lottery….just to make his wife happy. One day his wife was pregnant..both of them really happy. B not working, lazy and just think about the day he was failed in lottery start mad his wife, at same time the ghost or spirit bother his life until his wife lost the baby. The baby gone nowhere. Its happen in our culture..the scientific also can’t find the reason. Always happen in Malaysia culture…happen also to Malaysian artist. I know John will not believe…but its happened ok hahah.

C is hard working guy..but he never get rich….at same time he is good father, lovely husband and hardworking person. One day A and B was teasing him to join there to meet the witch…because of his family and try other way to rich. He just follow his friend…..the ghost also bother him too and start talking with his daughter. N start funny thing. One night when he went to Kelantan to send goods, he met new witch…..the witch was helped him and he won the lottery with one rule…must gave the ghost food like village chicken, egg and etc. from day to day, he forget himself….slap his daughter, finally he realize….because the lottery he ruin his life.

The moral of story…in our life not so easy to be rich, n not easy to be poor. So don’t ever use wrong way to be rich n forget our family. My opinion…. Not believe so much about lottery until we forget our responsibility, must work hard, , patient and strong.dont ever believe about witch. Just meet them for right thing not to be rich. If they know how easily to be rich..the witch will never working to help people become rich, because they can be rich if they know how to rich. Until now..all witch are poor. Hehehhe Easy!!

Hantu kak limah balik rumah

This movie just about one mental women in a village disturbing the villagers. All about community, selfish and modern. The community right now, never care about their neighbours. If someone died or sick at next house..people no more care about that. So one guy was travelled and working at Singapore back to hometown for holiday n make new life at Malaysia. He don’t know much about his neighbor after he left his hometown. One evening, he saw his neighbours was stand at window opposite his house with bad situation like ghost..he called the old women but the women not reply night..the women was slept beside him..n he start scary n think its was ghost. Then bla bla….

Finally , the villagers found reason, that women hav mental prblm. She stay alone because her kids not stay with them. That funny things when villagers start worry about ghost disturbing their zombie…hahhah was crazy…but its nice. All about villagers, hometown.

Moral of story…whenever u go….make sure u contact ur family and try asking about your neighbours. Maybe got latest news n so on. don’t easily believe something without big reason. Helping everyone in community when they need help.

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