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Thursday, December 9, 2010

a mother's advise

I really sorry to my friend if this article make u feel bad, just wanna sharing something good thing.

One evening at hometown…was nice chatting with my mother. She talking about family like reporting to me. She always sharing with me. She also complaint to me because I’m not gardening house in kl with very good. She know I love flower, garden and orchid because last time when I stay at hometown..i take care garden every day. watering every morning and evening. I just be honest with her…Ma, I love taking care of flower and garden, but everyday in my mind..i always think the owner will terminate me anytime, maybe tomorrow, next week or next month. and how about the flower I plant it? Where I should bring them when I moved to new place? Of course I will love them as part of my life. I also not sure my next house is like my house now……n now having some prblm..i always feel guilty. I try my best to take care but the prblm came..i feel stress.

I thought my mother will stay at my side…but oppositely. She mad to me…… you must thankful with your friend because they allowed you to stay there….. about the prblm….its already happened, so let it be. Repaired n everything will be ok. She also mad to me..dont ever think like that, when u move or stay at new house…u must take care of it…make the garden nice…n u will love to stay there with the flower n everything. If u moved to new place..leave the flower to the owner as memory or souvenir because they should have that, no need bring the flower to ur new house, but make new flower at new place.

I started say oh my god..sorry to tj and patrick. I promised to my mother to be good thinking soon, start gardening soon.i think what she said is right.

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