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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lost men

Everyday I reading novel book. The latest I read is Lost Men…by brian leung.He is American mixed Chinese. Yeah a story about a relationship between a father n his son. He left his son with one family n run off because he too sad after his wife died. So after a few years, he back to meet his son, and try to improve back their relationship as a father. The scene in the story…mostly at hong kong and china, because his father was a Chinese marriage with American girl. Its something strange for me….. . many surprised thing in the novel….but hard to understand because I’m not familiar with Chinese ancient.

To make it short….his father fall in love with American women…but sadly…one night his dream girl was raped at night club and pregnant. He still love her until marriage with the women. But his father was confuse..he can accept the baby or not………something make me feel confuse….the baby got Chinese face..maybe the guy raped the women was a Chinese too. Hahhaha anyway….thats father bring his son to china to repair his relationship between so. Meet their relative, learn about culture,all about great of china.

Have some book to finish soon, the book I bought at airport b4 go to Singapore and one book borrowed from John.i’m very slow to read English book because need to translate. Some word really hard for me. So hard to improve English….maybe I must born as white guy…hahha no comment.

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