There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Saturday, December 25, 2010

leaking, wikileaks, leaks

from bhp petrol to home.i keep thinking and asking myself. many years i wrote about myself in blog.i wrote everything like some my private life, some my real life, some advice, some experience, some sweet, bitten, some naughty thing even etc. i dont know what others feeling when they read my blog because its like my dairy. sure they feel mix feeling, bad and good.

lately when i know something like leaks information. my feeling also mixed up. i try to not think, and try be normal because nothing to worry about. i just asked good i'm? how nice myself to everyone? or i just bullshit? and hoping sympathy? i dont know what to say. i'm not feeling down at all. just start compare myself with everyone..its pain and hard.

honestly i should not get to know it or busy body..but i accept it as accidentally by god.i'm sure its make u pro n contra.i'm not judging people, i just think about myself. what happen around me is fake? arghhh wanna cry but no feeling. maybe its not happen to me for 1st time..maybe i ready to know everything and i think its good to know someone closer.

but its still with wrong way.finally i swear its my mistake because doing without permission. its confuse me.maybe i should put distance soon.hmmmm leaking, or u make it sorry.

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