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Friday, December 17, 2010

just looking

nokia x2

nokia 5250

today..just hav free time to looking new phone. i dont know. i dont hav much budget...huhuh. actually i started saving money for my future.suddenly my phone damaged, i feel so bad because i lost all my money again soon. its not fair n life not fair too.

anyway..... i will not hav phone until new year or until i decided to buy. maybe its good life without phone. no need thinking about waiting people sms us or people bother me especially every morning.

for now, this 2 design i like, cheap and affordable for me. i can say i just look a phone just for sms, mms, mp3 or radio. if i hav iphone4 but not afford to use internet...better not buy it. i dont know, even i'm not decided yet. just looking.

i found good website to share...the price follow malaysian market

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