There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Just looking and just nice to see

Can I be honest here? Hahhaha just sharing the feeling.i’m sure its nice to hav housemate or someone at home.its was b4…. N hoping at future too.

Then , hmmm should I write ? and how I can explain it?. Hmmmmm……… a few month ago….was someone asked me to be my housemate and interested to rent the room at my house. Yeah seems nice person, nearly to be my housemate but its quite from time to time, from day to day.even no news.maybe not interested anymore. That person accidently found me at facebook and added me. Its was surprise me. Sometime I got message but I never expecting much. From there I know everything. Yeah jealous to see that person travelling around Malaysia, bali, phuket n found lover. Even not working n how to go get money? Prince? Wealthy family? I don’t know.from the post statement…u can see the comment and that person got lover because seems they close each other. Just observation at the comment. Hahha I’m hav specially feeling. That’s why my title is just looking and just nice to see although u think its nice for u. aummmmm…hehhehe.. that’s life….. we found something just front ourself but we don’t hav “things” to grab it. Hmmm

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