There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Surprised and surprised and surprised. That what I like.hehhe back from time square I took train to bukit nenas station. Normally I took bus at front of renaissance hotel. Miss to stay at hotel..hahha long time not be naughty at any hotel in kl. Anyway what the point related with the story? Hahhaha surprised!!!!

When I arrived at bukit nenas station, I met one girl..old friend actually. I know her when I went to perhentian island. That’s time she came to perhentian island with her friend. I know them working around jalan sultan ismail but I really don’t know which building. So when the train stops at station, I smile to her, but she not recognize me…. After I step out..i told her…..perhentian island…. Hahha then she start screaming. Hhahaha still remember her with her friend. we always accidently meet them at any activity. N I hav photo of them.

Pity she just remembered john anyway. Hehhe.her friend from Philippines quite the job because working contract in kl. She was alone when I met her. She is sarawakian. I’m not talk much because she missed the train. But its make me smile. Then start remembers memory at perhentian island. Hmmm I miss that. Was nice meet someone we know. Like I said surprised!!!!

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