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Thursday, December 23, 2010

hot topic

i know some people said i'm genius, clever n faster in any information especially attractive place in kl. yeah i swear some place i know with good and some not. lately i helped one couple iranian friend about nice place to go. nice night club, bar even sauna.

yes i met them and they look nice. the next day, they asking me if i know any sauna in kl. hmmm i know some...but they gave me the new one. its new for me because i never heard b4. the sauna name start from O. kampung pandan area. i'm jealous. why? because i dont like go sauna. if u go for sauna for good massage, i dont mind. but if u go sauna for something else..i really dont like at all. because its not place for that.

i dont know..i hate that feeling. i hate it. for me some personal life is very privacy. but for people crazy n need fun..its might heaven for them. pls... use another way. for example..i'm here. i dont know....dont like that feeling.what a waste!!!!sometime i also wish i hav feeling crazy with sauna...but i dont like at all

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