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Sunday, December 26, 2010

finally i hav guest and cook for xmas

this is the last article for today because start working tomorow. i was surprised because i hav unexpected guest today. a friend at Singapore came to kl for meeting. not meet him since 3 years ago but still contact from chat n sms.

last month i was promised to him, if he come to kl..i will cook xmas meal like roast turkey, bread stuffing, cranberry sauce and etc. but to day cant cook roast turkey its will long time. hehhe anyway surprised he come to kl and mention to me when he already in kl. so without any information, i just check in internet the recipe.

at 1st time a bit worry if the food not so delicious, but i think all food finished now. so i assume all tasty, delicious and good. hahhah anyway really happy because thought i just do nothing today, but really much activity. anyway since last nite not sleep. now time to sleep.thanks again for bob. 3 years not meet u...all change.... so nice can cook for someone. i appreciate

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