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Saturday, December 25, 2010

feeling bad = movie

thursday evening..i feel bad because some reason.a bit lost and tiring. i decided to watch movie at cinema gulliver's travel and narnia. just wanna spend the time at cinema because will be alone at home. at least i arrived at home n sleep. not think anything.

was enjoyed the movie but both of movie just average. maybe too much graphic element and feel bored. i want see real movie, people, humanity, action, a little bit love because i dont want sad in cinema. Gulliver's travel is good at the beginning, but the end of story about crazy..too much acting i think.

narnia..yeah also good but the graphic effect make the movie strange. different with harry potter and tron. of course the movie is different with others, but hope more challenging.

arrived at home, i wish i can relax but can't sleep. so i open computer to read news or online at any website. suddenly my iran friend online, n he told me he was enjoyed at sauna. hmmm i totally down. so easy for people outside there. why i'm not become bad n naughty person too?
finally i just sleep with bad...down heart.

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