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Friday, December 17, 2010


every friday i went to mosque for friday pray, listen lecture from imam and pray together with many muslim. one thing i like to share here is...everyday when i go there, i will sit in front of one board on wall at the mosque. i can see n count the donation money. every week they will write how much they collect the donation money. i can say the mosque earn every month with rm7500. its a lot right? i also donate. sometime they will use that money for ramadhan month, invite lecturer to give islamic lecture, activity, donate to poor family, disable people and donation to indonesia like tsunami or earth quake.

anyway, if one month they earn rm7500, how much per week?

1 month = rm7500
1 week = rm1875
how many people come to pray every week?
let say 1 person rm2 = its nearly 1000 person at mosque.

quite a lot actually. anyway..i just like to investigate.....thinking outside of box......the moral of story...dont forget to help poor people.!!!!!

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