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Friday, December 17, 2010


i'm sure many people know about social network like facebook. do u know b4 facebook what the famous website for people gathering n looking for friend?

a few year ago malaysia was very famous with friendster. all old friend we can found at friendster and is connected. honestly i also hav profile at friendster since i'm study at university.i also hav another profile i think hi5 famous at european country. another one, social network among malaysian.

after i finished study, i never update or open friendster and hi5 website because i dont like so much. maybe a bit bored, many unknown profile come out especially sexy n naked girl from Philippines wanna add them like a virus. thats why i dont like so much. even i'm not updated the profile, thats website still sending some message to my email.

so i decided to delete my profile at friendster and also hi5 today. yeah i think not important anymore because i'm using facebook right now. i'm not fan of facebook, just sometime check when people send message and also someone add me there. all my friend in my facebook mostly they add me 1st, only important person will add by myself. a honour by me. i dont like cruising.too much nice people, n i have other website to concentrate. hahhaa

anyway, b4 i left friendster and hi5, they make new changes or revolution of website to compare few year ago.

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