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Saturday, December 25, 2010

cleaning office

actually on friday, my office held a cleaning day. so we clean the office b4 end of the year. so some renovation still in progress. so upload the photo, clean my desk, office..a bit hard work. at afternoon i suppose go to mosque, but my friend ask me to go great eastern mall because he wanna go to pet centre to buy co2 for his aquarium.

we go by car with another officemate. she drive the car n follow my instruction because we try avoid traffic jammed.yeah we hav lunch at the mall n stop at my house b4 go to office. maybe my friend drive fast and stop urgent many time..i feel wanna vomit and got bad headache. lately i feel not so well. maybe end of the year.dont hav any interesting to at evening, i just sleep on desk...took paracetamol and relax. not help officemate celan the office...worry the dust will make me sick

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