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Saturday, December 25, 2010

bhp petrol = open now

from Renaissance hotel , i decided to walk to klcc. no bus after an hour waiting. really quite time at friday evening. not much people n car on street and road. maybe they spend time with thier family, lover, and friend. u can see some people walking with xmas bag,flower, bell, xmas hat, hold hand and look nice to celebrate xmas. saw the zouk club ready to accept people for xmas too.

just walked alone at street like a stranger, thinking, hoping and also wish for myself. i wish i can walk with someone, hold hand, smiling and laughing. its the real thing around me. then after the bus come...can see some Chinese young couple, chasing, making love in bus.a bit rude but thats thier life. they hav right to do. when u fall in love , everything is fine.

hmm in bus they play xmas song..some people singing, n i just smile. thinking and hoping Santa clous will come to night. the bus stop in front of bhp petrol close my house. then i was thinking what will eat for weekend. dont want be like last week...alone with hungry without food.

normally i just talk at counter to buy some food because last time they close for everyone. one robbery happened at the bhp petrol station, so they decide to make business from glass window for security. and today surprised they allow people come in to buy food. so i bought ribena, bread, mosquito protection and lighter. hoping will make oil painting at garden.

was happy because since i moved to new house, this is 1st time they allow people come in. its good. i mean the police allow them to hav normal business.

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