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Saturday, December 25, 2010

another photo shot= water n gold

although with bad mood, i was plan to do something. at least make me a bit cheerful at morning. so b4 i sleep, i was plan to do photo shot after sleep. because i need some fresh face. then after wake up, i quickly open the radio and listen the music and start taking shower. feel fresh and wanna forget what happen yesterday.

its was funny to set the bathroom. but was enjoy n u can see the photo at gold and water article. was funny when look not good photo because i took by myself..try to avoid camera wet from water. its very hard to do

a bit late out of home to office. sit in bus around 835am. in front of me one nice person..sometime meet that person in bus. i dont carela..because if that person belong to me..its will happen. so i just look at the camera and smile alone. hahahha some funny. at same time still look at people around. at klcc the bus stop...some people stand...ooh my god...i saw something..hmmmm its hard to explain here.

i just ignore it always i wish i hav it. then go office n upload the photo and put in this blog.many thing happen at office, friday. but will tell at another article. then at evening i got bad wanna vomit... then one the way to him..i stop at bukit nenas station n walk to renaissance hotel to wait bus. i saw a strange couple walking in front of me.

an pakistani or indian man walking with white girl, hold hand like fall in love.....maybe he just meet that girl. the worst is the guy walking with hard cock. oh my god...some people around me like close the eyes n laughing. oh my god......another crazy thing happen yesterday. arghhh..not much car at road, but not walking with headache..hmmmmm.

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