There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Friday, December 3, 2010

another day from many day

when i wake up from sleep today.i felt so better, although last night worried about packing bag to hometown...i dont care..i just let my body rest n myself sleep with some song at television.after wake up,i quickly packing bag n take shower. walking n feeling with full energy, new life i wish. but when i arrived at office...was suprised because the client want some drawing urgently.....i'm sure it impossible because big boss not here, how they can get our boss signature. damn crazy...really stress because 1 set hav 33 nos of A1 size and need to print 9 set.

then i quickly think positive because my mood is go hometown..dont want stress, n i think all will gone soon.just asking people to help me because its technical thing, not about design..lucky one good officemate helped me out. was good. at evening..just finished drawing and design for another project. yeah i took off day on monday, so i must make sure everything is ok. yeah a bit longer holiday to hometown until tuesday. i hope i feel better soon.

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