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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Al haj, middle eastern, arab n etc.

This article might be long, crazy, n no comment. so I will try to make it short and be honest.
- I always think about this topic n don’t want to judge people from my side. Its just something I like to share, what I feel, listen n heard.
- I always like Middle Eastern people. They was born with many advantage, maybe reality most of them are nice, good looking, rich, beautiful eyes, face n etc.
- At the beginning all nice n I always wish can go dubai even makkah to do haj one day at future.
- This year, all muslim celebrate idul-adha or al haj a few week ago. I watch some documentary, was good, touching my heart n nice to see.
- The day or iduladha, I just celebrate alone at home, not going back to hometown. Was plan to go KLCC mosque, but wake up late…but still trying to go there.
- I realize close my house, hav arab school n they make praying all arab or middle eastern there. So I can imaging small mecca for me with all arab people and only me malay there.i feel crazy.haha
- Everyday I saw student (arab people) going to school, their father send them to school. Although they r kid, but some of them really good looking and mature to compare others teenager. So strange things.
- So was pray at arab of new experience for me. Hehhehe
- One of my officemate went to haj, she bought many nice thing for us at office, n many story from there. Nice and bad thing…only you can evaluate and decide.
- Some of my friend also working at dubai n abu dhabi…. They know what happen there n really surprised me when I listen it.
- My officemate which is went the for haj told of Malaysian officer hav bad thing there… maybe its old story but its really happened there. One day his wife n him went shopping there…n on d way back to home. suddenly the taxi driver said..the car hav prblm……and asked him to push from behind. B4 this many people warned him. Don’t left wife in car b4 u go out from car..but he just think positively. He left his wife in taxi….. n push the car behind..Suddenly the taxi run from him…n finally he found his wife was raped n killed. The case went to court but the law goes to their citizen..OMG
- Not only that…… last week in our newspaper hot about Indonesian worker was cut their mouth n ear. My friend which is worked there b4 told me…arab people r very worst in the world….they have sex with all people even the nanny or maid at their home until pregnant n give birth. If they not do that, they will force them. Arghh crazy!!!. ..Nobody know because their house full with tall fetch , n its secret.if the maid report to goervment..the law will go to their citizen. Its happened to Philippine workers, asian worker.
- One of my bos’s maid at dubai told my bos……..she can’t stay longer at arab family because all time working, every night she will run from the owner because they want sex with her. Every time they bring Chinese prostitute to hav fun , and she need to clean all mess in the room. sometime they still want the maid although whole night fun with prostitute. The maid said..they hoping working with asian people at dubai because safety and friendly.
- That’s why I felt confuse….at same time I’m still think positively. Just beware!!!!.
- My officemate gave me arab clothes, dates, dry kismis, zam-zam water.
- I prefer work at Malaysia…hehhehe
- Many many story..but its secret

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