There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Thursday, December 9, 2010

the air fare

Every time I bought newspaper, I try avoiding myself to read about travel advertisement, or travel package, also sales advertisement. Especially air asia advertisement. Every word from them seems very good and teasing me, very nice to read n the offer they gave is very good. After that I start dreaming, checking the calendar, counting the annual leave, open the website, finding right date, n suddenly I remember my friend warning…..Patrice. he warn me.. “dont ever think or wish something u not afford to do that..better have average and simple life rather than making debt and make u stress the end of life. just do something suite with ur salary n life style” . then I close all the website. Hmm that’s true…… I must be myself. Must do something relevant with me and benefit for my life n future. That’s life. Not complaining, but its reality to everyone. Don’t hav bad habit which is will kill urself at future. Don’t give much urself to the world…but adopt much the world in urself. Its will be harmony later.

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