There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Thursday, December 23, 2010

ages, what i saw, what i think, what i feel, what i hope

ages.... thats what i thinking lately. i know its not nice thing to discuss, but i think its good to talk from heart to heart.

i always walk at street in city. one thing i really not understand when i saw an older guy especially white or arab guy walking with young girl..might be malay girl, philipines girl or thai girl. it is sick? i know all of them hav money..can buy girl for fun an etc, but why not take name them as a partner or wife? if you think they r dirty because they r prostitute..u should not buy or call for them.

it is all about fun? or friendship, or work and no idea? i just afraid for myself. what happen when i'm 50 years old? i will do same thing? no love, no lover, and desperate need someone?

yesterday, my friend asked me to help them carry some thing to klcc train station. so i'm waiting him at his house because he still on the way. then suddenly i saw one white guy with young chinese women carry bag to taxi. the guy look older n the women look young. they kissing, hugging nice aftet put the luggage in taxi. then he leaving the girl by taxi.

ooh i talked with myself in heart, why not he just marriage that girl n bring that girl to his hometown for xmas eve? meet his family n not leave the girl at kl to take care his house. it is just short term relationship or fun until he finished the work in kl n left? why not people just think humanity? honestly when i think like that, i will feel bad on me. its will happen to me...but how long i must be like this?

thats why i always said to myself.... do not think too much... because i will get sick. i just need someone for my whole life. why its hard for me to get that?at same time look people changing lover, bf, gf, husband, wife.where is the real love to me? i agree with this word LOVE IS GOD'S GIFT.

finally i cant answer all the question for my life. i only hope something will good happen to me. i dont want waste my young time for something not benefit. i mean that

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