There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Here I’m not to blame or complaint,just sharing. Again my boss in my group take mc today..since a few week ago. He took leave n mc..i don’t know how much he got annual leave. A few month ago…. Our admin… tell us…our leave already negative…….thats time….i think may 2010, its negative because the month still not December…so they called negative..thats why I motivate myself…not take leave without big reason. Since 2 month..i’m not take any mc or leave..except last week. So I’m sure my leave not negative anymore. Honestl y I feld bad when some friend ask me to join them for travel. For example I lost chance to go Johannesburg . not because I don’t like, maybe I’m not so confident to go there at same time busy with work and not afford to do that although all my expenses will cover by my friend. Maybe not right time to do that.

Back to the story….. I really don’t know what my bos feeling, he not afraid because take many leave? The things is my another big boss always keep asking me, why he not come to work? Because I stay besides him. So that’s real thing…now seems I become his assistant. don’t care la… as along as I come to office and healthy.

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