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Saturday, November 13, 2010

tabur hill....amazing hill

when i was in flight to perhentian island with my friend john, i was look at this point from sky. i was guess what thats? was question mark until now. its amazing because its like a wall or barrier to separate kuala lumpur city from west and east. i was guess that time in flight. i love in flight anyway, i like geography. then last week, i was asked one of my officemate about nice place to go except broga hill. then my friend told me tabur hill but many people died because the hill very dangerous but the view is superb . thats why people still go there. honestly after i checked from internet is very nice place with nice view to big lake from a big dam. finally i realize its a place i saw from sky when i went to perhentian island. wow always related with happening in my life. i just like to go there i think impossible because its risky...i love this life..very beautiful... life is beautiful.... knowing nice people also beautiful too.

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