There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Monday, November 1, 2010

a strange day!!!!!

1st of all i'm sorry if what i'm wrote here is not so nice to hear or something repeat. i'm not try to get attention or try to get sympathy..i just wanna share here. to make story short

- i hav date next 2 week in of my best friend planned to stop over in kl n maybe stay my house
- i started to do exercise to look good n for myself too
- suddenly the plan was canceled with a reason
- including myself....a bit disappointed

thats life...i just surprised n now try to be positive. must be positive...i know its happened again n i never learn...but i just a human.

2nd.... someone broke my store room at home, lost something important

- i investigate n found all my things
-i'm lucky.

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