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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

point to point

to make long story become short..herewith i just wrote some point

- deepavali..just stay lazy at home, relaxing, sleeping, cooking, taking shower,lazy time for myself

- next day i went to gym..1st time after moved to new place.....its gym one muscle guy advice me to play with weight, he told me my body too much water hahah and need more discipline in gym.... hahha a bit lazy nowdays.

- stop at chinatown to buy new dvd movie... bought 10 movie with rm70..not least not too bored at home

- become naughty because i took Pakistani taxi driver number... nothing happen..just in case dot dot dot

- make another 4 drawing at weekend, just bored n doing something can make me happy

- father's birthday soon, bought the birthday card..was funny, laughing to but which card good for him. its lovely

- my sister sent sms to teasing me about menu of aiduladha day.. haj day soon. because i'm not going back to hometown. what to do..the day only got one off day in middle of week, of course its impossible

- was great weekend for me although not short time...time to recover myself, clean the house and relaxing

- ate at avenue k, asam laksa n very delicious. lovely

- magnet collection from patrice. he was busy with his friend visiting kl for 2 week. he went to bali, bought bme the magnet, and also tanjong jara beach resort..another magnet...thanks... love to collect magnet actually. some at fridge now.hope u can do travel soon

- my friend invite me to go vietnam..MAYBE, but i dont know.seems like to reject it because i dont want take advantage from people..and i dont know how long i need to be like this!!! sadly n pity of me

- was dream become power ranger yellow...its nice ...n great... save the world, make kids happy and nice custom..its nice.believe me !!!!

- very busy at office, too much work..n people always take advantage from my smart work.. hmmmm

- talking with neighbours owner...she is polite n good women. nicely chat about house

now 130am wednesday... time to sleep....a bit bored n lonely.hav good day everyone!!!

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