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Sunday, November 28, 2010

a memory of life

honestly i try to not write this... but as human we can't run from the reality life. i'm so surprised because all my friend from primary school to secondary school getting engaged n marriage...was remember all the gossip that time, "cinta monyet", "hot chick", hot guy"..whatever... so sweet

at terengganu we always busy with study when we at primary school. i can say when i'm 9 years old, we start assembly at one school to hav training for study. they select best student from every school, hav training to be good student. i always got that change. thats why i know many friend because those very intelligent, active in sport, and good person. yeah at 9 years old..some boys start play love with girl from other school. we only can meet at weekend. that time we can assume which is hot chick, hot guy and start gossip.

then from time to primary school we accidentally study at religious school. that time only this school was the best secondary school at my area. we in same class now to compare b4, we fight to get good result n who the more time gossip start again. hahha was nice..but at religious school we can't do more. when i moved to technical school, some of best friend at religious school moved to same school with me.

thats why i said..many memory in my life. now in facebook.... i'm surprised..... A engaged with B, C married with D and got 2 kids, some friend after finish study, start need go to university, no need hav diploma, master, or phd and still hav good life. my friend she got 4 kids!!!. wow....i know i start compare with human i'm jealous. its like an alien in our own life. i admit that. at least when people u hav partner? i wanna say proudly i hav... but for now , no chance just only busy with work, work n work. but still not happy ending, just stress with work. arghhh . i also wish wearing a ring on my hand. i always jealous with people with ring in bus, street........ i'm sure its nice.maybe i can find my own ring soon at chinatown...

to my friend azrul rais and roshaida...congrate for ur engage day... this couple nearly hav gossip at secondary school at religious school but azrul rais was gossip with other girl. he is one of hot guy at school and intelligent too. now they r perfect couple i think. wow

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