There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Friday, November 26, 2010


lately at office to much thing happened. ridiculous work, renovation, everyone busy. i'm lucky in my department i'm still healthy. everyone get flu, bad coughing and fever. yeah kind of worry actually. maybe i took honey everyday to make sure i hav natural antibody in my body. at same time i also try to keep healthy and good.

this of my friend in my department got new sick...i dont know its will infection everyone or not..but i'm worry too. yeah its like chicken pox but not chicken pox. she went to private and government hospital...the doctor said..just virus infection...oh my god....i really worry.the whole body full with red mole....pity we hav too much work she attend to office. i also worry n forcing her to stay at home today. she can't stop scratching her body like monkey. hopefully this weekend..she will recover. maybe need to try traditional method. yeah we hav drink coconut water, and using semambo leave..put in water n take shower with that. but in city how to find that leave? hmmm

from that i start worry..if i stay alone..who wanna take care of me..or look at me......right i just start precaution like wash my hand all the time. clean all my keyboard and mouse even my work place. hopefully i'm not get the disease. sometime people easily get chicken pox.

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