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Saturday, November 6, 2010

having lazy n relaxing day at home

sometime what we planned always changed. at least my mind start thinking good thing from bad thing. i dont like to hav empty without activity.this weekend is longer weekend because we celebrate deepavali on friday. so on thursday was plan to go pangkor island or ipoh or FRIM or genting highland n waterfall. hahha too much dream, finally i decided to stay at home. i hav bad week day this week because too much work, pressure and not so happy. i think its good to hav lovely day, relaxing and empty the mind from anything. its works. all lazy thing. just at home..listen music, cook my favourite food, watch tv, do art thing, n naughty2 thing too.

hahha its fun..... i wish i hav relax time again. yesterday its was surprised because i hav new neighbours, malay family. i think they come n start clean the house. seems big family...hahha to compare i stay alone.i start worry because i start to become individualism.its not good i think. for example, when i hav kids around and they make noisy..i will mad....not good. maybe different situation. but still love them.

one thing surprised me is my sister pregnant again!!!! oh my god....maybe we come from hot family. hahha i got 2 nephew and 2 niece, soon will get one. i'm happy but too much for my sister. i can say its will be number 4. yeah maybe at village..dont hav anything to thats only fun they hav. hahhaha anyway congrate to my sister. hmmm lovely. nice time at moment......

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