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Saturday, November 27, 2010

a heart film to eat, pray and love film

wow its was amazing day although just at home today. many thing to write here but i try my best to make short.

the whole day was at home because waiting my brother in law come to house. he got meeting at weekend this week.luckily he left this morning to back weekend started with happy potter at cinema on friday night. then at capsquare i bought old heart film from indonesia. yeah i always listen all soundtrack of that film but never watch the movie. i can say all song is nice.

so early morning friday i watch alone. hmm its was sad love story. really love the place they shooting...look like at Cameroon highland...but at indonesia. a lot of thing can learn from the movie...... some part i agree, some not. but i realize when someone getting marriage or engaged, they always not contact all past friend....start to spend time his lover n forget about friendship. so hard to explain about love...its amazing...the film about one penkid or tomboy named rachel, fall in love with her best friend farel. but she never tell the guy until that guy found his life partner named Luna. luna hav prblm with her heart n waiting for death.end of story one of his friend gave her heart to his gf because his gf hav prblm with friend..... so the end of story...they guy marriage with his gf...but his friend those gave the heart..always with him anywhere they go..was dramatic film. anyway i'm cried..hehe with rainy outside of my house...

waiting and waiting still my brother in law not come...i cant make date even can't find the date because i really dont know when his finish the meeting. then i start another dvd the American. i bought the dvd at chinatown since 3 week ago. its a thriller film, about an assassin run away from his life because all time people try to kill him at same time he work for assassin group making bullet of rifle.something like that. the climax of story..he found Clara which is a prostitute, fall in love n hav good time. the drama start when he found a gun in clara purse and he was misunderstood. because of his life.... he finished the job and wanna run from his dark life with clara. but the assassin group wanna kill him after finished the job. finally he died with clara after got one shot from bad guy at his secret date place. yeah nice movie....can see we always try to find our happiness when we found our love. same to me...i always say to myself..if i found my love i will leave my life for short time..fall in love, romance, after that build new life. i'm sure its nice.

my brother in law still not coming...then i start watching another movie..... eat , pray love by julie robert. i can say its really creative movie. i know i can say its like american dream..but if u watch this movie u will find many good thing. why i said that? honestly people around me is like that. people try to find a happiness in thier life with many way. they give up, wake up, be positive n down again and wake up, recover themself until he or she find someone can complete thier life. its was nice movie with nice place. amazing

a new york women wanna hav perfect life with a family, kids and better life was travel to bali and meet the asian medicine man...told her he will learn from him and come back after a few year. thats time she think its a joke. she was educated man, hav house, hav career and also a family. but one day she realize she not happy with her husband, finally she ask to divorce from her husband. but no kids. the movie was tragic because the husband really love her so much...but not all we can accept when we not feel comfortable.then she start a affair with young guy but seems not works..yeah young guy sometime become childish and not mature. at same time she still looking for his happiness. then she start to travel to italy.

hmm i wish i can do that. honestly i can say italy is my dream place to go. in that film... its too nice for me. having spaghetti, pizza, cuppicono, with italian song..with a couple kissing at street, with nice building, people, guy and women, motorcyle.. its all make me remember my best friend luigi. i miss him. she learn to speak italian. was funny because mostly italian speak thier language not only my mouth but also with hand. for example when u say mamamia..automatically the put their finger at mouth and express what want to say. hahah its good idea. italian is hot. i nearly to learn italian with my friend..but we not longer in friendship...yeah he found his love in kl.

come back to the story, she happy with her life at italy, architecture, building, culture, people, friendship, language, family. its was nice. they show the great constitution of family. mother, father, son, kids, love n partner.its great film n lovely italy. i wish i'm affordable to do that. not to stay at rich rich place..but to learn about culture, life, people and hav good time. same in the film...the nice shoot at street, was amazing. then she continue the journey to india. this time, they tried to show crowded india..with people, culture, n etc. at india she start to meditation at meditation place. she was learn from his affair partner at new york last time. at this place..she was confusing with herself....because she was happy at italy and why she come to crowded place at india. at italy u can eat nice food, wear nice clothes but at india all is average.but still want to find herself in real life. a climax story at india when one girl need to marriage with a guy... she not know the guy..but because of family choice..she continue and hoping get happiness... the sacrifice a girl for her life and family.... because the culture always better for herself sometime. maybe its asian culture. thats make her so regret what her doing b4..hav good job, house, nice husband and etc. but she need to move on and her soul..happiness and faith.

at the meditation centre, she was close with a guy.....the guy was sharing with her about his life. for me its really sad..... he hav bad time..we all hav bad time, but we must forgive everyone even ourself too. and learn to be good person as much we can. life is easy...the moment of guy crying is really nice..can feel that feeling. when he lost family, lost everything after a bad happen is his life. that make the women start after missing her past husband.then she started meditation and finally she done well in meditation.i hav some friend like meditation..maybe its good time to relaxing mind, body and soul.

the last part in this movie at bali..when she come back to medicine man...and what they guy say is truth... she hav short relationship with her husband, doing meditation and etc. at bali she continue study medicine with that old man. in that bali..the show bali is nice place...a romantic place for everyone. although a small affair. she continue meditation at bali at same time she hope find his happiness.yeah people start busy body when she stil single and keep asking to find partner. an accident happen then start a friendship with a guy from brazil ..a divorce guy too. hav family but his wife too busy with her job until forget about her family. the moment at bali was nice for her n new bf. was great and the guy really nice, masculine and mature. finally the end of story..they fall in love and start the open thier heart although the afraid about heart broken. so nice..finally she found happiness. something a good experience we cant hav by mouth or reading if we not try n feel it.

what i learn about this movie..dont give up, find the happiness although some people ignoring you, or busy with thier life because everyone have their own life path. sometime we feel lonely...same thing happen with people outside there..hoping for happiness too. maybe i'm still not lucky to find my soulmate although some people hoping from me. i afraid...same in this movie..afraid to facing reality, afraid about failure because its pain. honestly i hav some broke heart b4...... many time..but to continue this life...i think positive although its too pain to share here. thats life.

the conclusion of the whole film....they r a good, friendship, soul, family constitution, traveling, culture, food,experience, people, attitude, meditation, power and etc. was a good time at home.

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