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Saturday, November 27, 2010

the cube house bangsar

last week i walked around bangsar area. a place for elit people in kuala lumpur the house there..yeah very drmatic, unique, moden n some architecture style...people say ur dream house. bangsar hav many nice house actually. when i walk at street..all people look at me like strange person..why not..just to hav new viewing..not only in city..just spent my time with something benefit. hopefully. this photo already share with my officemate n big boss, they like my photo..can be one of precedent study. actually many photo of mine was become example when doing research or new design at office. photo in kl, singapoore, bangkok and etc...thanks to john because always bring me to travel with him.......its good!!!. thanks for TJ and patrick too for me the camera..i will never forget ur kindness..

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