There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Thursday, October 21, 2010

wanna be happy all the time

yesterday i started do exercise again after not do exercise since fasting month. yeah very long actually and my body hav small belly. but i think still ok lah. honestly still worry because not so nice like b4 but the important is the stamina must in good shape. hhehhe.

another good news is my friend from Greece wanna stop over kl again. i know him since 2 year ago. was nice guy n friendly. he will come mid november..hopefully i'm free that time. my target is in one month i will get fit body again. muscle? need work hard to get that.honestly i just wanna be need nice body but bad thinking or show off n etc. i know my market. hahha. what i means is..if i'm muscle or still ariff. i just want people like me, because of my heart not because my body n etc.

will do exercise slowly. at same time i just recover from flu and coughing. got little coughing but i'm fine.

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