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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

unplan trip to fraser hill with patrice and andre

i'm lucky because i went to fraser again for one more time. this time i went with patrice n his friend andre. this is the 4th time andre came to malaysia. he love malaysia also islam too.maybe something interesting about malaysia is his mind. he just visited mauritius n stop by at kl for 1 week. maybe he lucky because working at air france company and got less price for the ticket.

at fraser hill the weather not so nice because all time rainy, cold and wet. but i'm enjoy the temperature. was miss my time at cameroon highland. its was great. i love it...hmmm relax n rest time anyway. thanks john...never for get u..... then we explore the area. its a resort place so all nice because not too much development. feel fresh breathe and cool air. i love smokehouse too. we hav lunch at smokehouse.


stop at waterfall


clean n clear water there..lovely

smile n fresh face

photo with patrice from far. hehehe

with waterfall scene

andre with waterfall

andrethe forest

rest n rest place

the forest hen and cock

surau for visitor b4 climb the hill
waiting area for our turn to climb the hill

andre (chocholate shirt) and patrice (white)

unbelievable because this cock/hen...was say selamat datang to fraser hill...cocorek cokkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

see the cock on the column and non stop calling

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