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Sunday, October 24, 2010


actually many thing i wanna write here..but not enough time......maybe i can make point here to short cut my whole story.

1. i was diet n start jogging again...but at 1st day office make party for birthday's boss. so they bought secret recipe n pizza hut..hmmm sorry for myself because i eat lot..but not too much. heheeh

2. my old friend at secondary school added me at facebook. she said i'm so handsome n totally look different to compare b4..... haha sound funny.....i just normal guy la...lately she crazy chat with me....arghhhh she desperate to marriage i now afraid too online at fb although to checking message.

3. on office held a trip to one of office project at mont kiara...a condo scheme nearly finished. was enjoyed..the photo will upload soon.

4. a gossip at office one more time....... its bad news anyway. the ex stuff will come back to office soon. he is big prblm to us actually. last time when he working with this company......he take care all the time u come to office, all computer checked by him..what u open, what u did until get warning letter...blackmail, gossip too, even if u laughing at office or singing, he will asking u n why not serious working.... arghhhh. now its not good for us father came over to kl with my step mother..but i try skipped to not meet them. finally i went to fraser hill. i'm bad son..hahaha no lah..just not comfortable actually

6. one of patrice's friend came over again to kl....maybe the 4th time...hahha so his friend really active person...n always asking patrice to go he asked a help from me to go fraser hill. so i just offered myself to go there. was nice time..last time i went there with tj and patrick, then john, now with patrice and andre. thanks to everyone. some photo will upload soon.

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