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Monday, October 18, 2010

sekeping serendah

at secondary school, i make a poem about "serendah"...thats time i really dont know why i'm used that name. the poem was printed in annual school's magazine. really proud of myself. i just sent to school editor with different name because as a author, they dont want show i'm not use my real name. but i forgot it...maybe i will find it later when i back to hometown.... that time i dont know what the meaning of serendah. after a few year...i realize serendah is one of place in selangor.... mostly a place far from city, close to fraser hill...maybe around sub village area

from one of my friend, he suggested me to view this website..its was really nice. quite expensive..but i wish i hav a house like that far from least i can relax, read book, listen music..n breathe fresh air. i can say the company make sekeping serendah is the famous landscape company at malaysia. all thier work really hav soul, conceptual and i love the way they design. finally thats is serendah. i love the photo they took inside the website.

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