There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Saturday, October 30, 2010


again one more time i sacrifice something i really like for the better life at future. i mean hav peaceful life until found something more interesting. lately my mind was bother for something tempting me.really !!! i never stop waiting, never stop look at the photo until i think i was over done. finally i deleted everything about that.

honestly,when i really mad someone or keep thinking someone...i will delete all contact number...n i'm feel so satisfy...but at same time i save that number in my dairy already... so i can add or contact again after few hour or day. hehh

just now i'm crazy for someone.....maybe i never meet someone like that......i try to not remember even i try to busy my life..but i can't stop to investigate, saw photo until i think i will destroy myself.some people will say..why not u just be friend...but i cant..i want more...and more and more. yeah its was a waste to delete but in my mind i wish the God will replace me something more nice n belong to me. i wanna cry...but i confident..the God will understand and help me out. i wish

i'm not cry because stress or pressure..just feeling lost something . hmmm i'm smiling now. hehehehe . arghhhh i'm sure its will nice......

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