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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

maybe the love story

i got a difficulty when delay to write something from my observation. yeah to find free time n relax time its not easy. since last nite i was thinking about this n only this morning free to write here. a few week ago i was saw an iranian guy look like same as my old friend ashkan. the guy i helped him to study in kl. but until we never contact each other. yeah the guy in jailed because lost in kl...right now without news.

when i saw him... he look exactly same, but different person. its normal when u in bus,u will see many people and many attitude. he seems news in kl and i think study at british council. that time he look busy looking around maybe find friend or look people. look funny too.thats "guys".

then a week later...on the way to home..i saw him again.but now he brave to say hello to another iranian girl... with naughty eyes and laugh. thats life. the iranian girl also look cool with her friend. yeah they talk much n laugh each other. her friend just quite at beside her. maybe dont want to busy body.yeah we can see one couple try to know each other in their language.

then last week..on the way to klcc....i saw that girl alone in bus..yeah i remember her with same clothes. hahha "girl". yeah nothing interesting for now because she seem running out of time or hurry up for something. when the bus stop at klcc...i just walk around and still look at her. she busy with phone...finally i saw same guy a little bit far waiting the girl...hmmm " a date". now i'm sure they fall in love because i can see from their eyes..with happy thing. hhahaha finally i can see a develop love story in my life. yeah that goods

anyway thats love of story..... its nice and wonderful. they from iran but meet love at malaysia. its interesting. yeah nothing impossible in our life. for myself....i'm not hoping or expecting anything..... just a good time for myself.just to make countdown for my future. thats all. this morning i heard about old song from ella...very nice. the song's title is "jujur takkan melupakan mu". its means honest will never forget you.

Duhai kekasih pujaan hati ku
Dapat kah kau memberi ku satu arti
Sedikit rasa yang bisa ku mengerti
Bukan sumpah atau janji

Bukti kan lah bila kau ada cinta
Setulus hati mu bisa memerima
Sebatas kejujuran yang kau miliki
Bukan sekedar bersama.....

Jujurlah padaku bila kau tak lagi cinta
Tinggalkankah aku bila tak mungkin bersama
Jauhi diriku lupakanlah aku oh..oh..oh

Jujur lah padaku
Bila kau tak lagi suka
Tinggalkanlah aku bila tak mungkin bersama
Jauhi diriku lupakalah aku

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