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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

bored lately

today i was in pressure with working load. i just feel not fair to me with work because the work non stop coming to me. today i finished 3 important thing for 2 project.

1. one mix development, all floor plan (15 floor plan) n 2 section, very detail, but my colleague still not finish 4 elevation......since last week..she just finished 2 elevation. wtf!!!!!

2. i was repaired n planned the new main core for one condominium........its took 2 hour...but i dont know why my bos took 1 week, but never finished it. i really sick of that.

3. then previous report came again n hav some changes, i took 3 hour to by one, floor by floor, type to type....... but the girl with elevation still not finish any elevation. arghhhhhh n my bos every 30 minute, smoking smoking, smoking, gossip new product with main bosses.....what the hell goings on.

for those officemate is smoking...when they get stress with work especially my bos...they took long time at staircase to smoking. how about me? any people think i'm stress or not? n how stress i'm to release my stress. that why sometime i fed up.

i just to tell people.....i need rest to at office. dont think i'm just quite n not do work...i dont like gossip. at same time so hard for not smoking person to do what smoking people do. yeah sometime skip the work, just because wanna smoke at ground floor or at staircase.

yeah a bit jealous because no increment salary for me...but thats life....

in one day i can manage many activity, working, reply email, jogging, cooking, exercise, cruising, analysis, reading book, news, politic, fb, blog, sms, watching news, listening radio, praying....but i dont know why some people never do like what i'm doing. i'm not blame anyone...but only urself can manage urself.

yeah i always wake up early to go work n i always make sure i will finish my work at 6pm because i wanna my daily life...i dont want miss that..hang out around, see the world, meet friend, watching movie at cinema. for example..some officemate doing overtime everyday, i dont know..they work smart or find extra money.

thats why i feel bored always........ feel empty

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