There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

live from far mainland

i hav short time to update my blog...missing blogger anyway. was enjoy from from mainland..still fasting!!!. take care to everyone

Friday, August 27, 2010

just photo

up and down's life at moment

last night i was sleep early around 9pm. i was tired because 2 day ago..i can't sleep. kind of distraction in dream, think about myself, n etc. anyway i dont want write more.....all same thing.

this morning when finished breakfast, i try to update blog, suddenly my cursor not working. then my computer broke down.......too bad. one by one the prblm come..... i'm gonna be crazy. just bought new mouse...i think the mother board too old. i bought the computer since 7 years ago..always changed hardware inside. normally my ex housemate helping me repair my computer, but now its a prblm to me. anyway i'm not able to update blog anymore. sorry.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

pity all plastic flower.... i love flower!!!

the last weekend

last week is a depress week to me,and finaly i know why i'm become like. in ramadhan month, i'm not do exercise..i need alcohol in my body....which is called ketone. yeah everyday try to do exercise, but very lazy lately at same time need to save energy.

i realize feeling is mixed up...very very much. the environment around make me mixed up too. seems i dont ha support to talk even i lost my life. at same time, some friend travel my france friend went to borubudur, my norway friend went to thailand, my sarawakian friend went to krabi, my greece friend going to south africa, my australian friend go to US. hmmm nice.....i wish that.

then was jailed myself at home at weekend. nothing to do. try make myself happy, enjoy n fun but totally worst. then on sunday...i try break the wall facing me....i know i will be tired. i'm too bored...although hav friend, but they all ha thier own life. then decided to go lake n taking some photo. after that i decided to go cinema, watching the last airbender. the movie is average, nothing special.

so with the time i hav i walked around masjid jamek and taking some photo. yeah kind of boring life. i dont know what to do...taking some photo and after that went to old house's market to buy some food. finally i come back home...just got tired.

i tried to prove to everyone...fasting not stop u doing outdoor activity. but a bit tired!! really. then i tried make myself feel better... although i tried much..i'm still bored. i dont know why. i'm not blame anyone.i'm not blame myself too...i just hope someone come into my life and make happy. i need that.

some photo from friend's camera

cute baby in party

the party was nice with cute of my officemate's kids. the baby very good n photogenic because when i try to snap the photo, he was laughing and smile so clever boy.

yummy yummy full belly at dynasty hotel

a company dinner for break fasting. the food so delicious..more photo will come soon. so happily with many people together.

she got car!!

another happy day and funny because one of my office mate got new car. after waiting for a month, she got today. so very nice car and i love the colour. of course i'm a bit jealous, bit still not afford it. anyway maybe at future i hav my own car.

the funny is she rarely drive car and also me...we r like clown when take the car from showroom at jelatek. with traffic jammed we arrived safely at office. then when we try to park and pay for parking, we really dont know how to use the machine...both of laughing because we really very blind about car. only know how to drive...she mad me because i'm to smart driver, and bla bla in car. hahah yes i'm smart driver la. heheh. lovely and interesting.