There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Thursday, July 29, 2010

hits 11000 soon...make the life easy

" make it life easy" its always become a word to everyone. even for me. we try to hav a simple life, but sometime not easy like we think. also now...i fight with myself to make decision. i saw at in front but i can move on because no guarantee for me. i know its risk, but like i say..its not easy to make life easy.

my friend told me..with my age now..u can't have anything u want directly....because life hav always step by step like we use staircase....i know and i understand. but i want make it clear because i need that...i want it and i hope something will change. only God i try to take care everyone. i know its not my job...but at least i try be nice to everyone.

hard for me to explain.... but i always care everyone in my life. its ok. i wish ............. to make the world are peaceful. maybe its the right things. happy hits 11000.

guest at home, man vs women

my sister was at my home, we r cooking together. its was good. sometime i try to investigate..who r the best at kitchen. hmmm i was complaint about my sister cooking because i more cleaner at kicthen. anyway..everyone hav thier own style..i respect it

V.I.P guest

i got one call from fitness first because someone suggest my name to be his VIP guest at fitness first. who? i really dont know...hahha . sometime people say is just a tactic for business. yeah i love to go fitness 1st, just no time at moment..too catch up with life. yeah i can say many thing to do. but i really hope i can know , who gave me the fitness 1st vip guest. finally i just canceled because no time to go fitness 1st petaling jaya branch. so mystery

the facebook..... "headline"

every morning, i listening hotfm radio...the best radio station in malaysia for now!!!. its good to listen this radio because make me smile, laughing and sometime sad too....remembering my past life and family at hometown. just make me interested to write here is about the topic they discuss in the radio... " do u think u need to put headline what ever u did, ur feeling in facebook? "

some people nat fed up with that idea, some people like it because its normal to our life. happy, sad, sleep, hungry and its variety of feeling. some information, idea and etc. one thing make me cry at that time..... one person told to radio....... she always follow up with someone in facebook, from bachelor, marriage, get baby, n died although she dont know about that person, just love and like the way progress in life.

she told the radio...she always read that women headline, everyday. one day, someone put the headline...." thats women died because of accident". its make me sad. the listener told to radio, a week b4 the accident.... the women make poem for her baby and her husband. she wrote about how hard to leave family n etc.....yeah...sometime its hard to tell people what we r feeling, to explain what we want....... i dont know....i'm sad too.

we always bored with something like a routine...but one day when we not read any news anymore..... we will lost something important in our life. i faced it b4.i knew that sad.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


shami and shasha....... i can say many thing happen at this good as ......

my new nephew shahir with me

its was not a plan for this month when my sister came to kl because her husband got function in kl on i got chance to play with my nephew and niece. i'm so miss them although at the beginning...i can't accept kids in my house. but from day by day...its was nice hav someone in the least i'm enjoyed with them n happy. so every morning i make breakfast and after finished work i make dinner too. its nice hav routine life sometime. only this morning i got chance to take photo with my nephew because almost the time he sleeping when i back from office. yeah.... in plan tonight they will leaving kl...hmmm will miss all of them..i was sad..last night, took some photo with them........ i love them.

Monday, July 26, 2010

mixed up mind-----

today was a bit busy at new project n start colouring the plan, thinking about schedule and presentation power point. i also fasting today for replacement for my fasting at ramadhan last year. i need to pay one day because i was absent for 1 day. was fever n took medicine, not because another reason. hahha so all the time at office.

yeah i hav many thing to write...b4 i forget..i will write down some of the title.
1. facebook
2. comparison
3. vip guest
4. dream
5. too fast
6. man vs women
7. guest at home
9. changed
10. financial

i will write more later when i hav time. always be nice with everyone..but dont be too nice. yeah....worry too..i think i did right thing with right way. anyway..i'm fasting today... so i'm special...will find any special food. just love to eat porridge with meat.... lovely.

Friday, July 23, 2010

a wonderful morning

this morning..i was wake up n open some song.....kind of acoustic song by zee avi..but can't find in youtuve actually. the title of the song is what a wonderfull song.......i know some poeple know this ong..almost people know the song...just remind me about how many people love around me...and i love n miss them too. i love all of u ok.

wonder girls always the best...where is wonder boys?

always watched this song when open the youtube. i think the best video clip and the song also very nice. i hope people can see the best thing inside the song.

1. the dance step...quite good

2. the screen at behind really wonderfull

3. classeic + modern theme..seems interesting for nowdays

4. the fashion of n good, simple , easy for movement.

5. the singer..look tall different with usual asian.short n shy

6. modern song with english song...out from typical korean song

7.the movement of camera quite good, n took good angle

8. the simple story or drama in song very simple n funny

9.the stage design also very very creative to compare with malaysian performance especially RTM..the worst

10.i love the cameramen..thier do good job.....nice moving

hav look and enjoy the song

wedding planner

talking about wedding planner....its make me scare actually.b4 tj informed me about his plan wanna be wedding planner, i was dreamed many time about my marriage since a few day ago.i never talked about this to anyone, even never write here...because its too personal...and i also try to not think about it.only one thing..i try be myself and i dont want hurting anyone. if one day something happpened..i love to 0-0..what i means is will tell about myself 100% to my partner.because when u decided something for ur life..u must responsible for future. the marriage not only for 1 year, 10 years or 10 hours. so in dream...its was challanged me about my responsiblity for many thing. thats the truth

when i'm surfing the internet to find some image...i found nice photo actually. among the photo i took, i love this photo. just sharing over here and hope can get the feeling from the photo.

energytic at the moment

after hava bad day because of coughing and flu. yesterday and today i was so energytic even so happy, smile nonstop although many thing sad, not sad happened around me. today is busy day because since morning try to solve design. yeah small site with new design..its so hard. design sub basement...hahah just try my best anyway. its only 1st draft...maybe next week will get comment from client.
normally i spend sometime to chat, fb, or updated blog also read some news, but today i dont hav time at all. no plan at weekend, just need to go driving class on sunday for motorcycle practise class. then after that test with road officer.suddenly tj was online asked me about name of wedding planner, n maybe i can try design for business card. so just stop at net cafe, find some photo and image...later at home can design abit. yeah feel lonely too. no movies and always same song. hehhe
anyways...will try my best to do great thing at home. lately someone interested about the room, but very worry because the house too empty, i dont knowlah. still no internet too. i'm confuse because if i use streamyx...i dont know when they will come to fix the facilities..dont want take another off day because nobody at home now. anyway hoping will decide soon.
for this week..begining was very sick for me...but today very smiling...laughing..i'm happy too look at me when i'm healthy...soon will do light exercise.
last night my sister was called me..she wanna come and stay at my home for a week. ooh my god....lucky i'm not hiding anything just come..but a bit nervous too. some helped needed soon. anyway.....hope can be healthy always, smile always and be strong always. yeay....ariff boleh!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

worst week

this week really make me felt so weak. on monday i took MC because i hav bad coughing at sunday night.then started eat medicine make my body like taking drug..sleezy, sleepy and lazy. then yesterday i got stomach aid...maybe wrong eating at lunch..huhuh bad week n worst too.anyway ....last night hav a good sleep ....maybe too tired.....hopefully next day hav good day.sorry not update the lazy lately

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

lemongrass tea

last weekend ..i make my weekend as lemon grass concept. i make a tea n modern laksa.its was good and delicious.yummy yummy

Friday, July 16, 2010

lost something but got something

was a stress week for me because personal thing. i lost something, maybe a nice or one chance for me. then i realize God always i passed my driving test n i'm soo happy. i feel great n hav big big smile finally. thanks to everyone pray for me n sms me. last night..... was a good opportunity because my friend patrice allowed me to drive his automatic car at jalan ampang. the last practice b4 the test day. hehehhe..jalan ampang really scare many crazy car. thanks to all my friend.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

soy milk

since a few week ago.... i think my body hav a little bit changed...maybe because i turn 25..the skin a little bit rough...even my hair on body extra longer.... last time i think i'm not change anymore. but i can felt ..i'm growth.

nowdays.. my habit every morning is drink soy milk at office. when i arrived at train station..there is a fruit hawker / stall close to my office. so thier soy milk really rich n taste good. yeah kind of thirsty and love the feel fresh of soy bean milk. but from time to time...i think soy bean gave me something more hormone...hhaha more energy..more masculine..i dont know. i checked from the internet....yeah its true. in our culture believe..if pregnant women drink much soy milk...maybe the baby become white n n the skin more soft. some others believe..if u drink soy milk a lot...ur baby or u can turn become soft n a bit girlish. hahha i dont know.

for me..since my habit drink soy milk every morning...i can feel my hormone gain more n more. skin a bit soft, hav energy to work and etc.

talking about making soy milk...when i 9 years aunt sell the soy milk at hometown. i know how to make it because i helped her when i went to her house......boiled, blended, cook and so on. the experience is worthy to me although that time i hate to help her because her kids lazy to help her. yeah save budget next month to buy blended n soy bean. another activity to do at home.

solution for moody n stress

last night i'm a bit moody n stress, try to be happy like singing, dance at home..but its difficult to calm down. i hav some reason...but will not write here. then i was think about my chicken with ginger last weekend in fridge. was mixed together n ready to cook. then i start make chicken soup with ginger...... i start smiling. hahahha its delicious n i love my cook. i know some people will worry about my appetite now..dont worry i make healthy soup, even try less oil in my cook.

then with the extra chicken i make new recipe...i called bukhara chicken rice, hmmm i took some photo...its a bit spicy because i put chili, peppers, cinnamon and of course its smell good. i only cook little because i'm alone at home. always wish someone there to taste my same time i using butter, not oil.

its easy to make it...just patient person will love to cook. put butter in pan, added onion and garlic, peppers, mixed herb, chicken, water n boil it until the chicken cooked. then put rice inside and finished. put a little bit salt.

then i hav good dinner, n was smiling b4 sleep. honestly i think my attitude right my mother attitude. love cooking.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

no feeling...lately

it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

at another part..i really hate with time waster....... i try play safe, not expecting too much..but if u dont hav choice..its become more worst. i dont want repeat same thing in my blog..writing many thing make me worst. i just lost today. moody...... because i tried make people understand me but..its hard.......

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

another suprised for me

i listened the what u waiting for.. again and again..finally i find out some word about girl from kuala lumpur..oppsss!!!

then i checked from internet..she came from kuala lumpur..its a big thing in malaysia music industry even some good singer like ZEE AVI. i'm proud of them actually because they hav their own style n work hard to be excellent in their life. i hav some friend very good in their work n their profession. its great.although in youtube..people started to be conservative,,comment about the way she wearing..the way his music genre..i think they should improve themself b4 judge people. i know kind of hard in malaysia...anyway good job to mizz nina.

checked from internet who MIZZ NINA.

lonely planet for those people are lonely



one of my activity...dancing with this song.......its nice n very friendly dancing.... i think from korea.last time i put the ballet i put the dance theme........ at office, i hav someone good in finding good song around the world. lately a lot of nice n great song. which is can't listen in malaysia radio. i love to share all the song i hav for those people love to listen. wanna buy mp3 soon..too much nice song...because my phone not enough space for new song.

its good being lonely sometime...i mean alone at home.... we will know more about me. wanna do work out later more discipline n more hard because i just got miracle of my friend very gorgeous n great after 2 year not meet him. i can say he look superb now with nice body. i really not believe it but its the real thing happen in front of ur eyes. i'm not jealous with the body..but the clothes he wearing. sometime wanna try great clothes with good cutting. i need more discipline myself....arghh its hard..i can do it hopefully.

its a motivate for me to be more discipline in food choice n work out

what u waiting for.......think outside box

hmm its hard for me to write here also hard me too to make decision. because i dont want do wrong step although its seems interesting to explore. not only for myself even all things related to me. i'm still hav feeling of care, humanity, sensitivity even love to human. i dont know.....

today one of my friend offered me something..but the heart beating me fast...then the image of family come one by one. i can't do that even i want it. its really challenge me. maybe its a trap, maybe its only the beginning, maybe its only for fun..all play in my mind. i dont want be bad guy, with full of shit, at least i'm still gentleman...n strong mind set. i just wanna be who am i...... arghh confuse........finally i decided not think about that. i need to concentrate for my driving license..try to forget it. thats why i want people those close to me be more closer with me but from time to time...its seems far.its fine..hope i will more protect myself.

hav a long and good sleep nowdays

yesterday another great sleep for me. was arrived at home around 8pm. saw an accident at jalan ampang close to BHP petrol station. the metrobus was kicked the hoarding at left side. look horrible...the traffic become worst because everyone love to see what happening. then i just change my clothes, make a dinner.was plan to make chicken rice but the chicken still in frozen... maybe today i can cook. i was make ingredient at weekend, like i cut the ginger, with chili, onion, black peppers,lemon grass.hope its taste delicious.

then i jumped to swimming pool. was do great swimming, run in water, dancing..all kind of movement. hahahha including kame kame ha from dragon ball comic. water always make me relax. love butterfly swimming.... always alone in swimming pool...nobody there at my house area.wish can hav private kissing in pool. n etc... can't write more because its privacy. hahhaa i hav done b4 at somewhere in kl. ahaks. its lovely

then went home n feel hungry, make maggie.... because no choice....many vegetable in fridge and need to use it. then around 10pm..i just sleep until 715am. was a great sleep..hav some dream....but not so nice....... i hav a good day today.