There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

me end of june

last weekend ..went to titiwangsa lake to get peaceful n harmony mind...was nice with beautiful lake n skylight of kl. was sit on chair, wind blowing of mind feel so relax... i'm happy actually.

bad dream

last night i got bad dream. i was bitten by centipede n that insect enter under my skin.leg n hand. hmm in our culture..if u dream with centipedes its mean something will happen. i dont know how bad it is..hope everything will be ok soon. to all my friend...if i over done something, or too emotional or over acting ..i really sorry. maybe i was out of control or in depress. still positive anyway.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

klcc view from titiwangsa lake

Monday, June 28, 2010

cengkodok baring prawn: cooked for officemate's birthday..a promises

last week on friday, i was promised to my offimate to make special breakfast for her. celebrate her birthday, but i was wake up late. so today i hav chance to make that food. so yeay...all officemate love it/ at least i'm happy. its deliciousla....heheh. next time will do another menu. was wake up early today..a bit sleepy now....but enjoy cooking. i called the is cengkodok baring prawn.

bon appetit :boiled spicy malay dumpling

one of activity on sunday, i'm happy with my activity. cooking is one of the good things to do..because its challenge about patient, thinking, taste and etc. so i try be creative at same time wanna use the old thing in fridge. if i throw in dustbin....its not good because all the item is money. i dont hav i appreciate what i hav now.

its lovely time although alone at home. wake up early jogging around home area, then continue to park, swimming pool n make brunch. after that went to titiwangsa motivate myself...thinking about friend....i'm ok n happy. i'm enjoyed every moment in my life now. as least i cook delicious for me. even maybe some people dont like it...but its ok i will learn more n more. will buy the mixer to make juice. healthy juice. thanks very much to make my life perfect.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

17 hour without phone n internet

hmmm...... kind of big thing i did in my life.just wanna stay in life without phone n internet. very difficult but its lesson to me about life. was worry about family n friend outside there. yeah who know if anything emergency happen. also happen to me too. i did because i was mad to myself....some friend around me...n people around the world. ;-P

but all happened with good, i slept early..wake up early. jogging around the house compound then went to prak continue jogging. after that back to home...jumped to swimming pool. after that i make brunch. later will put photo n its lovely cook. do some shopping for the whole bald the hair n walk around city n do shopping at klcc..cold storage. then back to home. great day.... maybe jump to swimming pool one more time later.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

semiotic knowlegde

time moving faster today..from day time n now dark already. what i guess yesterday or a few days ago.... seems its already happened. the God give me special thing in my mind..because i know make analysis even i know its will happen.the semiotic knowlegde even my experienced b4 teach me how to read n analysis all this thing. i always try think positive, try to calm down, try make my heart happy because i dont want make myself pain...but when its happen..its so hurted me. easy.. if u dont want me....just tell me...then i will go n freedom.huh!!!! what can i do..its seems already wrote for me. thats why in the bus last time..i knew about this......i only can say " stupid". yeah i'm mad...very mad.hope today is become better than yesterday..but i think i'm tired for all this things. i dont hav choice...even i dont know how to make people choose me. thats all. i'm so stress..will go sleep n forget all about today. whatever......

fish sausage n keropok

mesh potato crispy with special chili sos..... dinner

new oil painting work...need to upgrade sooon

just spent time for another activity for my life. a painting for birthday gift of friend. hope he like it later. one of my work. i choose serama chicken because its related about malaysia. one day when he leaving kuala lumpur..he will bring a piece of memory from malaysia. serama is chicken is expensive chicken, very beautiful with colour. although its small..but its very worthy to people. so as a gift to me for good friend. hope its valuable n nice..need more touch up later because the colour still wet. hmmm one of activity for today.

brunch at weekend

this morning, after make exercise...spent time at kitchen to make brunch. still homesick n make brunch. yeah its lovely same taste like my mother did. i cooked fish soup with egg n rise. its enough for today...... if i'm hungry later i will make another food. full activity..nice.

yeayy the garden clean from unimportant plant

cleaning garden means cleaning heart from bad thing

today was wake up early like usually but lazy to jogging. heheh so better do another activity. but last night something funny happen..hahah i think i was walking in sleep. hmmm in our culture...when we sleep ing..part our body still active n still alive. i saw my soul walking n leaving me...i'm sure i saw him...then i'm wake up to catch my soul...i was open all the room, maid room, even at garden too.finally i decided..better i continue sleep because i'm worry...i will not back to real life...lucky after a few minute i saw my soul come back to my scary...... finally i'm still breathing n live now.

so this morning, i do gardening , do exercise, cooking for brunch. last night was ate much because stress. yeah happy to see the garden clean now. i need to do one by one because i only one here. i'm happy with that.enjoy n love touch soil, green grass... n fresh air.