There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

moving house

honestly i can say, moving to new house is one of big thing in my life. its very hard, make me tired n many thing to handle. i'm ready for that. then when the water prblm at home, its make me worst. after waiting for a few day, its solve n i'm so happy. now i can feel i hav my own house, not homeless like b4. thanks to tj and patrick because tried hard to make all the prblm solve. i really appreciate n thanks very much to my friend patrice because allowed me to stay at his house. until the my house got water bank.thanks for john too at Philippines, holidays there.

i'm so lucky because hav many good n nice friend, around me. thanks for help. i owe many thing actually. hope i can pay one day at future. now i'm so happy at home, start cleaning and deco my house. with little budget, hope the house look nice. try to use recycle thing, give benefit to me n look great. i will start painting soon, find the photo frame, n so on. nice task but hard work. again..wanna thanks to everyone helping me in my life.

Monday, May 24, 2010

nearly loosing wallet

this is 2nd time happened to me. was really nervous n worry especially my identity card. at 1st time. i was hurry to go out, but when i check in my wallet not there. lucky because my wallet was fall in my house. oooh its nice. the 2nd time was happen at bukit bintang. how? hehhe secret!!!.

friday night, after packing all my thing n ready to move the next day, i want out to bukit bintang, because bored at home. its was nice thing there... then when i come back to home...n arrived..i found that..i lost my wallet.!!!! but lucky i found it somewhere. hahhaha. lucky i was separate the lorry's money from my wallet. so i'm safe from one big prblm. i only worry about my identity card. yeah hard to make new n others things.

now i really be careful, dont want happen for 3time. but its nice happen for me. ahaks....

Friday, May 21, 2010

i love friend's baby

bora asmara, sungai penchala

the restaurant really nice n good interior design, very resortish, cool, fresh n harmony. love to go with someone we love.

the food last night at bora asmara

the preparation look good, the band play song really really great. i love it. this place is good for couple in love. hmm so lovely and nice. but the price...hmm so expensive

dinner for distribute wed card

last night went to bora asmara for preparation of the wedding at sandakan, sabah.its was nice n great restaurant but the food not so nice. anyway was great time with university mate. hahah i love it. the photo above is elin. she still single. hahaha


elin and me


sap (she getting marriage soon)

farhana and afifah

time to pay

girl in the house

moving house

lazy to pack all thing..i dont hav much thing because last time i already took back to hometown. thats time i really fed up, frustrated to get job in kl. lucky today i hav job, still alive n happy. so tomorrow is big day for me. change house, change environment. its challenge me. i must write fast because my roomate will back home, n i need to give him his keyboard. still no keyboard..will go n buy new keyboard soon. just to inform to everyone..i cant online anymore at msn or yahoo n another website soon. will miss all of u. some friend at paris, south africa, australia, china n etc. hope something happen later. will find out . i miss all of u.

roomate's work

finally i done my work with my roommate. yeah after a few days, rushing. i dont like part time job...or kind of extra work because i lost my personal n privacy life. although i can collect some money...but i'm not enjoy it. but as a good friend...i love to contribute something for my roomate a.k.a my best friend in kl..with my skills. at least his company know me. then he ask me to make quotation letter to collect money for my work. yeah i charged rm500, he proposed that price.. yeah i accepted it..actually in my mind i just him free. its ok i can use that money to buy something at new house....but i was decided to share with my roommate because he also help me doing the 3d modelling, because i dont hav much time. anyway i'm proud with my work although i can do better than that.

last night at home

too many thing to write here..but i dont know which one the best n i dont know which topic i should start. a bit tired with many thing happen for this week. pressure at office with ending nothing. working on moving house, helping friend for 3d modelling, n today packing all things b4 the lorry come tomorrow.

arghhh.. talking about pressure at office, some people always crazy in work..not patient, trouble n always need rushing. i dont know what can i say...i become a machine n working fast until cant breathe at all. the situation is..we just got feedback from authority regarding project close to klcc. so the due date on 27 may 2010. so the architect try hard making schedule to achieve the target. start monday, we repair the drawing, n try get input from owner even the developer. but seems they try to make excuse. the real thing is...if we not work fast n last to submit, they blame us n our boss will blame us too. so we try play win win situation with many posibility. i done many drawing, even already to printing because we need the owner signature for 17 set of drawing. 1 set drawing hav 25 drawing. so u can count 17x 25=??.... its took a lot of time for printing. what happen today?

actually my architect supposedly meet the client yesterday, but he changed it today..after my architect meet the client,. they only say..we want hold the project, after meeting with all consultant and the investor not like to invest at the moment. hmmm i know its happen, just a waste for me to mad by architect..its was sick n pain. something we working for nothing. i stress n pressure too. thanks for john because sms me from Australia to make me happy. at least i calm down n not become gorilla at office. i got lot of bad message in my phone..complaining about my job..bla bla...i dont like that action. because i know my responsibility.anyways today a bit ok...because i done my part with well. n i'm ok

another thing happen at office of our department called by boss at boss's room. yeah kind of strange for us. maybe someone complaining about work... yeah we know that person always take medical leave, n emergency leave n much holiday...but for my part i dont like to involve any politic offise issue. the thing make me uncomfortable is... our management wanna me move at old desk to another desk because they wanna know what the guy doing everyday. i'm ok because all the time i rushing with work. i just follow what the management want... but in my heart i feel so bad because i took my friend table....its like i take advantage from him. like complot something... arghh i dont care about it n try be long as i do my work. thats all

so now i got new place for my work...feel strange n different environment. but its hard for me to make myself always change my time to time..people too

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


hmm yesterday i went to kfc because the restaurant close our office is closed.... no more choice except kfc.

after few time working at office, i hav chance hav lunch with marriage guy at office. they GOSSIP la!! about thier wife. hmm pity they seems not happy with marriage. sometime i felt strange..why we much marriage, at same time the prblm come more and more.... do u think relationship very hard or difficult?

hmm.. his wife stay at melaka, only meet at weekend. so last week he late to go home at melaka, so his wife not talk with him, not smile because he was late back to office..Saturday evening. he mention to go workshop to repair motorcycle. usually he back friday night. then he stress n boycott his wife. pity of him...he not talk with his wife at ll..even maybe more. its hard right? if i hav lover..of course i need sex....or if i hav wife or husband.... i want more than that.

his wife very bad jealous, if he late going back to office, he need to open3G phone to approved he at office. even call her husband's friend to know the truth.then sometime if his wife gave him gift.... she always ask to get back when fight. sometime his wife's family also bad. why life like that?

he complain about his wife responsibility. always complain to take care the kids. sometime he told me.....why all woman in this life asking about responsibility in thier life after marriage. hmm yeah as a husband he need to go office to get money for them..but when go home , his wife complain many thing... she dont want take care at her kids and bla bla

so its like hard life for them. i wish i can be a good guy in relationship although i always moody.hmm maybe the God wanna show me something, or to tell me relationship its hard thing or learn from them. i'm easy person...if i'm mad or sad... just come hug me and kiss..i will smile n calm more moody. but the thing one around me when i mad or moody. hahhaha


just to updated my blog n short write today

- a bit stress with people at office, especially my architect...i think he never appreciate i'm there for him...always complaining...every mistake can be solve by good if discuss. no need send bad sms or else.

- working on project at home. helping friend.sometime feel regret, but enjoy helping friend. i dont know...always be positive.

- yeah try be calm down , n control the mad. sometime if we think too much , we will get stress n more pressure. but dont challenge me to become mad...i will become like hulk. i'm easy guy...but pls respect me at office.

- my keyboard at home broken suddenly.. a bit frustrated..yeah this computer too old...need change motherboard or just buy USB keyboard. money money money... i should become escort or massage boy (joke). life sometime ridiculous. just change keyboard a fe month ago n internet socket, now another thing

- sorry to all my fan, maybe start next week i will not update my blog anymore. dont know when i come online like usual. i will move to new dont hav internet connection. at same time i stay alone.... quite cost me later for internet because all my time spent at office and outside. hopefully life will change soon. we will online to all website, chatting n everything. no more idea.hmmmm

Monday, May 17, 2010

life is good

tonight i was checked all my photo i took this weekend. photo by photo, then close, open again... try to get some clue or info to write in my blog. yeah some building photo, my smile photo..ome with sweat...hehhe. finally i found something interesting. the motto for san francisco coffe is LIFE IS GOOD. ooh yes i hav good life with good friend. n i always get good life..which is people care n love me. i also lucky when i sad, someone come n help me and make me smile. my friend said, the cloudy cloud always moving, so not worry.

accidently the new san francisco coffee at sunway tower is design by my ex company b4, so that why i like the design, i was see the design in paper n saw in 3d. same exactly what u see now. its was good.wish everyone hav good life. always smile n positivela.

my work in one day

i'm so happy tonight although its 247am now. i done my work to help my friend's office project, like i explain at previous article b4. yeah just start around 9am n finished around 130am. yeah very long..i try be smart in my work n i really i done it well. although today not go out, at same time nobody want meet me...i'm ok for now. not regret at all. actually i want help my roommate...because i will move to new house. he so kind with me actually. i'm cry because i'm happy helped him before i moving from my house now to new house in 5 day. yeah he sleeping at his bed now.....i never meet a guy like him. so nice attitude, working hard and so on. i meant that.

i keep asking him.... did i done with good ? how about all of u? did i done with good thing?lucky he satisfy my work, n hope he will happy to show the 3d to hi bosses tomorow. i'm happy too.this weekend is the last weekend i'm here in this house....i went to lunch with him...also dinner around 2am after finished the work. yeah i miss that. always love to meet good guy or good person in my life. from day by day..i learn a lot about life. which is i'm lucky many people come help me for advise, to listen my prblm, and etc. yeah i'm lucky guy.hope my day will better soon. love all of u.