There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Saturday, January 30, 2010

just cut new hair

hmmm i dont know

can i say something....... maybe i should write later.. hehhe i just disappointed with some people.

i got another 2 niece/nephew in june

actually, i'm bad uncle...hahha i dont realize 2 sister was pregnant 5 month now. although always talked with my mother via phone, my mother never mention about it. n i never asking my mother they pregnant or not. my mother just tell me...they failed carry the baby last time. now they pregnant again. wow so hot. so i was smiling at office...because my sister will get another baby. 1 sister already got 2 got another 1. another sister just marriage, so this is her 1st experience pregnant. i'm glad n soooooooooooooooo happy. hahhah

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

will reach hits 8000 soon

i will reach hits 8000 soon. i was waiting since last month to reach that number. i love writing n sharing. although i know its sound bad n stupid because sharing about personal or sometime emotional...but thats me i cant cheat or lieng about myself. even if i hav stress, i rather writing or sharing here. maybe i dont hav much friend in kl to talk, because some people busy with work n travel around the world for their job. only me stay here, not go anywhere. anyway i'm thankful i'm healthy n hav many nice, sweet, kind, cute friend around me which is always care me. but most them not in kl, i mis all of u.

for 8000 hits, again i wanna thanks to everyone supported me b4, give me advise, sms me, like me as thier friend, maybe love me for short time. i'm happy n enjoyed the time we spent together. honestly i'm still not goood enough in many thing, but everyday i always try to learn n teach myself to more mature, more cool n be good man. so if i did mistake, tell me, mad me, advise me, pull my ears, n i dont mind if people tell me face to face..its better rather than u go n put distance from me. because i must know the truth, the right thing n maybe i can improve myself from that mistake.

so wish everyone happy for their life. n pray for me to be a good person n always happy.hits 8000 will come soon. enjoy my blog ok.

history in my memory

today, everything going ok. i just relax at office n try do my work with smart. although i'm not comfortable with some issue, i just doing my work because its just small matter. i dont care with people lazy although all the time i'm doing my work. at least i make myself busy n not think too much about life.

sometime i talked with my architect about architecture n else. then i realize many nice thing was gone in kl. so love to share with all of u.

when 1st time i study at university, we need to buy a lot of thing for drawing tools, like pen, pencil, paper, tracing paper, butter paper, masking tape n etc. so all of us never know where to but that things, so me and my clasmate was walked in kl city try to find art stationary n so on. i realize that...hav 2 good shop in kl city, but some of them was closed or moved to another place.

1. paper gallery. this shop actually was located at behind central market. i love the way the arrange the paper. all kind of paper was there. its really small place but fully with paper. so u can choose any kind paper u like. but the day we went there is the last day. they moved to someone else. so thats history from my memory. i'm still can imaging how difficult for us to find that shop in city, but when we arrived in thats shop...we feel so happy with the interior design and also he lighting inside. pity u cant get it anymore.

2. venus art stationary. if someone hav chance to go petaling street, all of u should stop at this shop... u can get many thing from here, especially for art student. but the prblm is the price a little bit expensive.but its was nice to been there because u can feel the real of art to compare people busy with bagging price at petaling street and stay inside the shop. hav try n u will know.until now i'm still keep that shop business's card, one of history from my memory.

3. win's art stationary. 3 year in architecture school, most our art tools came from win's arts stationary. they shop gave us discount n good price. so this shop located to kelana jaya. close to kelana jaya lrt station. u can get anything from there. i hope the shop still there..because long time not go there..especially meet aunty n uncle.

4. polo printing shop. this is the helpful shop for us. 3 year in architecture school until now, we still use this shop for printing. the printing is very good quality n the price not so expensive. this shop also make the business card, print all the advertisement, book, magazine n so on. located at section 17 pj close to UM, section 14.

just to write some history in my memory. long time not busy with study..i hav good time that time....

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

kl panorama from balcony

nice view at this morning

happy birthday MA!!!!

yesterday was stress day with work load n conflict at night, i try to sleep early but seems its become worst too.

wake up early morning, n luckily was snap good shot at sky. will put in blog later. then i'm office now. like usually i read a little news in internet. a big shocked because one explosion was happen at factory close to my house at my village. so i called my mother. she fine n not listen anything. the funny is today is my mother birthday. she was laughing in the call..n i really really forget about that. yeah too much thing to do until i forget her birthday. she said, she taught i wanna call her because wanna wish birthday for her. finally i checked in my dairy..yes its true. hahha so embarrassing. haha i was lucky again today. at least i'm smile today

honestly..many important people was born in this month include my sibling n friends. started with patrick, my brother hanifa, my sister kak na, tj, and my mother today. happy birthday for all of u too. i love my mother.


1940s milo tin

last week i was talked with my friend about milo. because some people dont know about that product n where its come from. most people more prefer like cappuccino, coffee bean, san francisco cofee, n etc. i think that product was here in malaysia since my mother n father still kids. so its quite long at malaysia n i think its good product. suprisely the product come from australia. everyday i drink Milo. although my office also provide nescafe, i prefer Milo. its lovely drink especially when put more milk or sugar. hhehe so here some sentences from wikipedia.

"Milo (IPA /maɪləʊ/) is a milk beverage with chocolate and malt, produced by Nestlé and originating from Australia. It was developed by Thomas Mayne in 1934.[1] Milo is also manufactured in other countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, Jamaica, Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Syria, Taiwan and the UK. The name derives from the famous Greek athlete Milo of Crotona, after his legendary strength.

In 1934, Thomas Mayne developed Milo and launched it at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.[3] Milo began production at the plant located in Smithtown, near Kempsey, New South Wales, Australia."

Monday, January 25, 2010

travel in city : be positive...anyways miss someone

in life..we always felt up n down, sometime with reason, sometime not. i can feeling sometime my hormon not to stable in my body...maybe i'm still growing up. i hate about routine of life... . but when the routine become nice n happy suddenly its lost, its much worst. then i feel empty. maybe at my mouth i can smile n say happy, but in heart n mind..always fight it.

fight to be good, fight to be positive and fight to be strong. everyone fight to get better life, with right way even bad way. sometime i choose middle way... at least not best but good way. its more hard when u cant achieve what u want. because of urself, environment, people around u. thats why i always said..the nice memory always make me strong although sometime i cant turn back behind.

then when someone come to ur life for a while, after that that person ignoring u , its more worst. because u can see everyday but u cant meet, u cant touch again, even share tell ur feeling... "how much i want meet u" thats ur feeling. thats desire sometime hurting u..yeah " expectation". its always happen to me, i dont hav choice. the only one i can do is recover that hurt n its take a few time.

honestly i'm desperate to be happy, rest, relax n enjoy. so the truth is i miss someone close to me from anywhere, any part around the world. its hard.

travel in city: some unhappy moody tonight

hmmm..was moddy tonight, try be happy but i dont know what cause. try to be relax but i dont know...many thing in mind. a bit fever but not sick. maybe not enough rest..... i also dont know. overall today is not interesting for me.

travel in city : skylight

travel in city: train railways

some photo i took at a bridge close to bangsar. just try to get train railways as my background but its hard to do it by myself. always wish someone will take my photo.

travel in city: kl sentral city

travel in city : like chipsmore heheh

Sunday, January 24, 2010

travel in city : midvalley city

its was great time to take photo of midvalley city. this project actually the best masterplan at malaysia. even i think they hav good facilities in term of the class of community. was started with shopping mall, n now they hav garden's mall, residence, hotel, including office tower like IGB tower n etc. i love the architecture, detail n interior design for this building. its a good case study for any architecture student. last time the security not allow me to take photo at the boulevard, but u can find that photo at older article in my blog.

too much angle i took, i only can put some here. i can share with u if u like to get it. just free of charge. i think its good for me walked in city n took some photo. although some people travel to bali, bangkok, padang, melbourne..... n even others place, really make me jealous. but...... i'm proud for myself because in malaysia especially Kl, hav many nice place to go.

thats why if u always read my blog, u can see all photo just in kl city. u should take one day n walk around kl city. i'm sure its nice. hopefully i hav time again for next time.