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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

weird day

hahha..i dont know what the best title i should use. anyways nowdays i always be careful with all thing i do because i'm worry for myself n people around me. dont want hurt myself n others too. last night i cant sleep until helped my housemate to put advertisement for new housemate around my house area. n just can sleep around 130am

wake up from morning, feel fresh and better because a bit coughing last nite...the advise is just drink a lot of just take care myself. on the way to office..feeling so lonely n lazy to go office because too much holiday now. at office really bored at all. all my work finished but just acting busy with work. hahhaa.the big prblm is my eyes wanna close all the time(sleepy). only god much i want to sleep.

so just count the time to go home......n my eyes at left side still moving.....nonstop....i dont care about that anymore......yeah feel bad sometime. suddenly one of my best friend at iran, ali online and chat with me. i miss him so much especially his father. the guy i helped last time at kl to buy something.although i never meet his son, i wish i can meet him at future..its close 4 years i know him......the reason i like him so much as my friend because he know about me 100%, he accepted because he know i'm honest 100% with him. so we become best friend until now. nothing hide..... because everyone hav thier history of life and i'm proud to be i'm .

at least i'm happy today after chat with him. yeah i'm busy with work and he rarely online because his office not allow for chat. same like me anyways. then packing bag to home n decided to g blind massage, pity that centre close every changed plan to go midvalley for cinema.

one thing funny happen when i took train... one girl was laughing because her shoes was stuck in a hole when the train coming.... everyone laughing me especially funny because everyone hurry to go in...but her shoes stuck in small hole...some people try to pull out the shoes from holes...finally they can pulled out. so i went to n tomorrow is Jusco member days..all thing are crazy discount...but dont hav money just bought something for some1. yeah i bought bolster, n mattress protection. hehhe. anyway........ that weird day today. hahha. always try make myself happy n doing something fun....i afraid to be alone anyway. i hate that. lol

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